Traditional binding

Traditional binding is a very resistant binding technique that has passed through the ages and has evolved into the best way to preserve a classic work today. These bindings can be intended for everyday use, they are then often covered with resistant fabric (dictionaries, cookbooks, manuals) or for more moderate use.
Neat binding concerns books of value (monetary or emotional) that the customer chooses to bind in the traditional way (they are then covered with leather or handmade paper). The technique therefore depends more on the time of the book and its constraints (size, condition, use) rather than on purely artistic research.

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Archive or library binding

I make different binding structures for archives, libraries and heritage funds with acid-free materials, starch glue, in a traditional way and by hand to create solid structures that last over time. I also make many conservation bindings, without glue, for specific needs. I work regularly with administrations and libraries.

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Creative binding and artist books

Creative Bookbinding creates and innovates around a book. It can follow the customer's wishes or be completely free. The goal is often to reflect the content of the book through the binding. It is a work of art responsible for preserving another work of art.

For artists' books, the project must be developed in collaboration to have a result as close as possible to the creator's will.

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The aim of the restoration is to restore, conserve and perpetuate the works. I propose to restore works (binding and / or gilding) but also graphic works, boxes or even leather furniture (tops of desks in particular). I make paper or leather restorations, which respect the support, using neutral materials and reversible techniques according to conservation standards.

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In addition to doing the gilding on my own bindings, I also offer my services as a gilder on already bound books or any other leather object. This can be a defined order or a creative job. I have a wide variety of  typefaces, florets, rules, palettes and casters to get the job done.

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Boxes and stationery

Storage boxes, presentation boxes, drawing boxes, book boxes, etc.

Various series of hand-bound notebooks which vary and are renewed according to the seasons and events. White notebooks, sketchbooks, photo albums, diaries, directories, press books, mini-books ...

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Achievements for cinema and fake libraries

Notebooks and books made to measure and artificially aged to best match the scenes and sets.