Les décades qui se trouvent de Tite-Live
Restoration of a full leather ledger

Restoration of a large book in full leather. Some elements were original (stitching, one of the covers ...) but the leather cover was not original. Being old it has all the same been preserved. All the restoration was done in such a way as to be reversible and all the work was documented. The seam having failed in many places, it had to be redone. The original seam was on the leather laces, but the flats having been adapted for the passage of strings, I chose to redo the seam on double strings to be able to keep the old dishes.

The difficulty was that the book having taken on water, the leather cover had become too small (as soon as the book arrived). It was therefore necessary to work on it to be able to recompose with the old cover. The nerves have been whipped again the old way.

Numerous interior pages also had to be restored, and it was necessary to clean all the bottom of the signatures.

Condition of the book before restoration :

Work steps and restored book :
Custom portfolio
Canvas and paper portfolio with laser cutting